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Beating cancer ultimately culminated in the pinnacle of m y health and wellbeing. My dream shifted to sharing the knowledge I had gained as well as helping others with this objective in mind- whether that be physical, mental or emotional health. We are committed to our consumers and their healthiest and happiest futures.

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We care about your health. Our products were developed with our consumers needs in mind. Our aim is to create perfect synergy between health and wellness.


From raw materials to manufactoring, we strive to produce products that are synonymous with clean health. Our formulations are consistent in ourity and free of any obvious Synthetics.


All products are manufactured in GMP approved facilities. This ensures all products are controlled and consistent as well as always striving to achieve the highest standards for our Consumers.

Proudly South African

With a vision to empower our local economy and it’s people, our products are all grown and produced in South Africa. This allows the oversight of products from start to finish.

Our Promise



No Synthetic Colours

No Parabens

No Pollutions

No Formaldehydes

No Synthetic Fragments

Premium Grade

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